Ball Gowns

Are you looking for a ball gown, evening gown or party dress? Then you’ve come to the right place! Golden Gown can provide you with any type of dress for any occasion. From elegant, luxurious ball gowns to short and piqued cocktail dresses – at Golden Gown, you’ll receive the best service and advice to find the perfect dress.

For us ladies, nothing is more important than looking presentable – for any occasion. Nothing spoils a wonderful evening more than walking around in a ball gown or dress that does not really complement our shape, or fails to reveal our true inner beauty and radiance. We simply desire to look stunning. And when it comes to making a choice, we love to plan our outfit with someone professional.

Finding a ball dress can be such a wonderful experience when you have someone with you that understands your body and personality. Ankia from Golden Gown has been a dressmaker and designer for many, many years. Her ball gowns are unique and absolutely en vogue.

Her clients’ testimonials reveal how truly exceptional her service is. Ankia will go the extra mile to get you the exact type of dress, in the exact colour and with all the details you want. Even if you’re the pickiest princess on the planet, Anika will find you what your designer heart desires and do all the adjustments herself to make sure it fits you perfectly.

For honest and helpful advice, and ball gowns that are guaranteed to turn heads, contact Ankia at Golden Gown today.