Features every panel beater must have


A car body may require different types of bodywork in order to help it restore its original look and make it safer for you and your family. When you are opting for any panel beater make sure they are experienced and reliable. Apart from this, there are many more factors which need to be considered when you are opting for such services. Creating a checklist is an important part before hiring someone who is going to mend your car.


Factors to check


  • Reputation: In order to find a trusted panel beater you can ask all your friends who own a car and see their preferred service provider. In such cases, the personal recommendation would be an ideal choice. So this panel beaters work under several reliable businesses. So you can ask them different types of questions and see if they can meet your demand. Do ask them about the duration that they will need for making your car decent again. In this way, you will not only be able to arrange an alternative transport system but can also analyze the price that you will have to pay for it.


  • Professional and clean working environment: Before you are hiring a workshop where you will be providing your car, you need to check the premises. Do check that all the equipment are modern and clean and can serve the purpose properly. If you are looking for some paintwork, then see if they are using the modern equipment along with spray printing, withdrawing machine and paint matching equipment, etc. In order to get the result just like the factory finish, all these things are important.


  • Specialization in particular vehicle type: Different car will be having different requirements and structure. So you will have to ensure that the panel beater is very much acquainted with the type of car that you are providing them for repairing process. Cars which are from America, Germany, and Japan have different structures and when they are dealing with vintage cars then the repairing process will be slightly different. There are many vehicles in which getting the replacement panel becomes very difficult, so in such cases, the person will need to opt for different repairing methods.


If the car is expensive then the person will need to have proper skills for repairing it. You can ask the panel beater to show the samples of the work that they have accomplished previously in order to check their work and skills. Painting and respraying of the car will require the panel beater to have modern equipment so just by looking into the finish you can determine whether they have it or not.


  • Guarantee: Always ask the panel beater for providing you with a proper guarantee that your car will be handled in a proper way and necessary repairing will be carried on it to give it a new look.

These are the few factors that must be considered before you are hiring any Panel Beaters Auckland.