Miss Universe New Zealand 2013

We are proud to announce that we are the Main Sponsor of Miss Universe New Zealand 2013, where we are designing and making the main evening gowns for each of the 20 finalists competing in the final on 5 October 2013, to be held in Sky City Theatre, Auckland. All the gowns will be made locally here in our Boutique. The dresses are unique to each contestant and hand crafted by our very own Ankia van der Berg, to compliment both their personalities and features.

It is very exciting times for us, and we want to wish every model competing for the title of Miss Universe New Zealand the very best, and more important than anything, we hope that they learn something valuable out of the competition in building their confidence and to be a role model for everyone surrounding them. We would like to thank you, our Customers, for supporting us so that we are able to support and sponsor each of these beautiful women. For more detail about the event, please visit their Facebook page or Miss Universe website

Ball Gowns NZ

As the year comes to an end (let’s face it, there’s only 3 months until Christmas!) so begins a need for ball gowns and formal wear to adorn yourself with at your staff parties and functions. Be it a fancy masquerade ball or a cocktail afternoon with the girls in town we are prepared for the silly season with new styles arriving regularly in array of colours and sizes. There’s something to suit everyone and at budget friendly prices, especially as we know that this time of the year can be expensive and the thought of ball gown prices on top of all your festive purchases can be a bit scary sometimes.

Just because we can give our customers good prices though does not mean we skimp on glamour, style or comfort. As women ourselves here at Golden Gown Boutique, we take style seriously. We know you do too and that is why we love creating happy customers by recommending and supplying ball gowns or cocktail dresses that suit the occasion and make you feel like a million dollars. The ever classic little black dress is still as popular as it was 50 years ago so is still a common choice for many ladies wanting to look fabulous among their colleuges without feeling over-dressed.

However, if a glitzy, flamboyant,brightly coloured ball gown is more your style then we will ensure that this is what you get. No matter what the dress we will also make sure it is the perfect fit, our dress fitting expertise and altering service are available to all our clients as we know that no two bodies are the same and a great fitting outfit will help you feel like the belle of your ball. So grab your dancing shoes, pop a flower in your hair and head on down to our boutique to fix your end of year function dress dilemma. Trust us, shopping for a ball gown can be painless. You just have to come to the right place and at Golden Gown we can guide you in the right direction every time and assist you in making an elegant statement right to the very end.

Christmas Party Dresses

Every woman wants to feel her very best at the work Christmas party or end of year Charity ball. The main Party Dresses requirement is to just look fabulous. The following are some major current trends for the party season to help inspire and guide you:

Block colours – bright block colours are right on trend this season. Vibrant fuchsias and corals look great on full length gowns and for the more casual affairs, maxi dresses. If you’re looking to steal the limelight this year then opt for the all over colour trend and make a statement by pairing with chunky gold or bronze accessories or break it up with a metallic belt.

Lace- for a truly feminine party look you can’t go past lace and it is definitely still in this silly season in a big way! Whether you opt for a full lace or crochet mini or delicate trimming on the hem and straps you will wow the crowds with this pretty fabric. Think winter wonderland with pale snowy shades, perfect for those tanned beauties among us, the white will really ‘pop’ against your skin.

Beading- Beads and baubles are a huge trend this summer and what better excuse to wear them than to your end of year Christmas festivities? Cute floaty cocktail frocks look amazing with the current draped beading detail on the shoulders. Long formal gowns are given a bit of something extra with a jeweled bodice and dainty, shimmery pearl-like embellishments add some interest to dresses in soft pastels shades.

Black- If you are colour shy and can’t imagine wearing anything but your classic little black dress to this year’s Christmas party, don’t despair, the seasons party dresses are anything but boring! There are a vast variety of fabrics and styles available to ensure you get the right shape for you. Chiffon, wrap around styles are hot sellers right now and can take you from day to night just by adding a pair of killer heels. LBD lovers can also take comfort in the fact that they can get maximum use of their dress for many occasions to come.

These four trends are just a snippet of what styles are currently out there. The options are endless and the choice is entirely yours…. So grab your girlfriends and come in and see us, or shop online now for that perfect dress! After all, Christmas is just around the corner! Click on these links for great Evening Dresses, Ball Dresses or Cocktail Dresses.
We are also Listed on My Wedding Guide.

Ball Dress, Ball Season 2014

Yes, it is that time of year again to look around for your Ball Dress. School Ball season is fast approaching here in New Zealand with some as early as March! So there’s no better time to start looking for that stunning ball dress than now, especially if you want to acquire your dream dress before it gets snapped up by someone else at your school. We all know that turning up in the same gown as your friend (or worse, your teacher!) is a girl’s worst nightmare, so our promise to you when you purchase your dress here at Golden Gown Boutique is that we will only sell one of each style to each schools event. Our account record enables us to do this accurately and ensures individuality.
So now that you’ve decided to start looking for your ball gown, where do you start? After all it is one of the most special dresses you will ever wear (except, of course, on your wedding day) and this in turn often makes it a difficult decision to make. One of the most important factors when purchasing your ball gown is to make sure you are comfortable and that the colour suits you. There’s no point wearing a dress you are too self-conscious to even dance in as you are terrified of a strap falling off your shoulder! Remember, we have a fitting and alteration service available to all our customers here at Golden Gowns and our friendly staff are here to make sure everything is the perfect fit and length. Likewise, when it comes to choosing colour, we are more than happy to assist and make suggestions as to what shades would compliment your hair and skin tone.
Another exciting part of school ball season, once you have your dress, is to hunt down the perfect accessories. Whether it’s an adhesive bra (great for backless gowns and available here at Golden Gowns) or a glitzy pair of earrings (something we also stock) these last little additions are all important and can make or break your look. With so many options out there you are not limited to what your team your dress with either, it could be a feathered headpiece, bejeweled bangle or just a simple dainty drop necklace.

Flowers, especially daisies, are forecast to be a very big trend this coming ball season too, so if you fancy yourself a true, current fashionista then a daisy chain or pretty flower wreath in your hair would be some good accessories to consider. Alternatively, if your style is more classic then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a single string of pearls to complete your school ball look. Sometimes less really is more!
We hope you now have some inspiration and information to get you started on quest for the right ball gown. This is an exciting time

for us as well as you with lots of new styles arriving regularly. So many gorgeous fabrics and designs to choose from it makes us wish we could go back to our school days and go to the ball with you! Don’t forget we can also design and make custom dresses, so if you have seen a dress that you would like on another website please feel free to bring in or email us a photo so that we can discuss your needs and give you a quote. In the meantime, happy shopping Cinderella’s, we look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Chiffon, Your new Best Friend.

Imagine a fabric that is soft, floaty, stylish and comfortable, as well as timeless, lightweight and flattering to your figure. Impossible you say? Chiffon is your answer! Whether it’s for your wedding gown, ball dress or any other special occasion, then a beautiful dress made from chiffon is going to be a definite winner every time. Not only does it look good in person and feel nice but photographs beautifully, capturing both shadows and light. Nearly every design made in this fabric creates the illusion of soft curves and silhouettes, perfect for that romantic look we all want at our wedding.

Now it’s all very well me saying everyone would look and feel amazing in a well constructed chiffon dress but it may help you more to know which kind of chiffon dress would work best for your body type. For instance, if you are an apple shape (heavier torso, smaller legs) then I would recommend an empire chiffon dress with a semi A-line skirt that skims over the hips and creates balance. This kind of style will also make you appear taller and having a dress with a lace-up back is also a great option for you to consider as this will help bring your middle in and create a waist.

Are you a pear shape (smaller bust, wider hips and thighs)? A gorgeous A-line dress made from chiffon with layers underneath will disguise wider hips. Make the most of your smaller top half by choosing a dress with a fitted bodice and embellishments including beading or lace. This adds interest to a gown and the detail will distract from any unwanted attention to the thighs and hips by making the torso your focal point.

One of the other main body types that could really benefit from a chiffon gown is the rectangle shape (straight up and down, narrow hips and shoulders). It’s all the detail when it comes to these statuesque figures. Rouching on the bust will make it appear fuller, pleating and beautifully draped chiffon panels falling over the hips in a diagonal manner will help with creating curves there too. Considering having a lace-up back in your dress could be a good idea as this will cinch the waist in to add more shape.

As for you lucky hour-glass figures (small waist, bust and hips in proportion) you are the most sought after shape in the world but your beautifully balanced body and killer curves could still benefit from a chiffon dress. I would recommend a simple figure hugging style such as a mermaid as the more fabric you drape on yourself the bigger your curves will appear. Emphaisise your tiny waist, don’t drown it in layers.

Seeing as these are the just the four main body types for women there are lots of cases where you may need to mix and match the advice for different body shapes. There are lots of people who are a combination of these shapes and so it’s worth focusing on what parts of your body you like and which parts you want to hide. We are all different but we can all use this versatile, amazing fabric that I’ve been talking about. So when on the hunt for your next special dress, consider chiffon your new best friend.

Wedding Photo’s, Tips and Tricks.

– 7 Tips for a Stunning Bridal Look –
from JHPhoto

Try these in front of a mirror at home.

1. Turn 45% to mirror(camera) by bringing right (or Left) foot back and behind the other and pointed near to a 45% angle.

This makes you look thinner and gives you a better shape.

2. Place weight on back foot.

3. Pull front knee inwards pushing hip across.
This really gives a great shape to your wedding dress.

4. Tilt head slightly to your lower (front) shoulder.
You’ve now got a nice “S” shape going for you-a real model look!

5. Lift your head a little and stretch your neck to enhance the light on your face-this also helps to eliminate any extra chins!

6. Pull your shoulders back and your chest forward and lean forward (Believe me the lean won’t show in the photo)..

7. Want to look slimmer? Then hold your arms away from your body a little. Placing your hands on your hip helps define your arms.
Now that you’ve got a great pose remember to relax with it and have some fun!
Your photographer should be able to help you to find your best angles and also show you other variations.
Remember- It’s your day so enjoy the moment!

This article is supplied by John Hemmingsen Photography, you can see more of his work at www.jhphoto.co.nz
If you would like to book John for your wedding photos, call him today, Phone: 021 981 803.

What’s your school ball style?

What’s your school ball style?

Yes, the school balls in Auckland are now starting to happen or being organized as you read this. With this important, up-coming event on their minds the high school students are coming to our store in droves (especially on Saturdays) and having a great time trying on the many beautiful dress options and comparing with friends. Often it can be a challenge to decide what kind of look you are going for though so we have compiled a little list of different school ball styles to give you some inspiration and hopefully steer you in the right direction. So, what’s your school ball style? Read on to find out.

Fun and Flirty

Are you the fun, playful type? Think pinks, corals, anything bright and colourful, maybe even something in a fabulous printed fabric. Short and sweet cocktail dresses could also be what you are after as not everyone feels the need to be as formal in a long gown. Dresses with cut-outs on the back or sides are also a fun option with a bit of difference and are very in right now.

Soft and Feminine

You’re a romantic at heart and favour all things pretty and ladylike? Lucky for you then that lacey vintage styles are back in a big way, as they have been for the last few years. Floaty chiffon empire lines accented with lace, pearls or other dainty beading could be just what you are after. Pastel pink or ivory would be a great colour choice for you and will help complete your soft and feminine ball style.

Classic Drama

Let your inner style icon out with a classic black mermaid style dress and make a dramatic statement that is hard to forget. Burgandy, plum and any other rich jewel toned dress will also have a strong impact and mean that you do not need to have any extra detail as the colour does the talking for you. Do accesorise, but keep it classic and simple with minimal fuss, such as a satin clutch and a gorgeous pair of drop earrings.

Remember girls, everyone is different and no two bodies or personalities are the same. Above are just a few examples of styles that are proving quite popular this school ball season. There are many other looks to compliment your own personal style. Stay true to yourself and choose a dress that you not only feel wonderful in but you feel comfortable in too. We look forward to seeing you in the coming months and hope to help you obtain the school ball gown of your dreams. After all, once you finish school, you don’t get many chances to play princess again.

Ball Gowns

Are you looking for a ball gown, evening gown or party dress? Then you’ve come to the right place! Golden Gown can provide you with any type of dress for any occasion. From elegant, luxurious ball gowns to short and piqued cocktail dresses – at Golden Gown, you’ll receive the best service and advice to find the perfect dress.

For us ladies, nothing is more important than looking presentable – for any occasion. Nothing spoils a wonderful evening more than walking around in a ball gown or dress that does not really complement our shape, or fails to reveal our true inner beauty and radiance. We simply desire to look stunning. And when it comes to making a choice, we love to plan our outfit with someone professional.

Finding a ball dress can be such a wonderful experience when you have someone with you that understands your body and personality. Ankia from Golden Gown has been a dressmaker and designer for many, many years. Her ball gowns are unique and absolutely en vogue.

Her clients’ testimonials reveal how truly exceptional her service is. Ankia will go the extra mile to get you the exact type of dress, in the exact colour and with all the details you want. Even if you’re the pickiest princess on the planet, Anika will find you what your designer heart desires and do all the adjustments herself to make sure it fits you perfectly.

For honest and helpful advice, and ball gowns that are guaranteed to turn heads, contact Ankia at Golden Gown today.

Wedding Dress, Styles and Tips

So you’ve picked the date and booked the venue for your big day. This in turn helps with picking the theme and/or colour scheme, for example, a beach wedding in the middle of summer calls for a light , bright colours as opposed to rich, darker tones for a lakeside autumn wedding. But how do you tie the dress and overall style into this? It’s easier than you think with these few simple tips to get you started.

Firstly, and most importantly, take into account your own personal style and what you feel comfortable in. Your wedding dress should be amazing but in its’ own unique way. If you favor a more casual, simple dress sense then the last thing you want to wear on one of the most important days of your life is a puffed up taffeta number just because that’s what your best friend likes and the sales assistant convinced you that it looked stunning. However, if a Cathedral length train with a diamante encrusted corset style bodice is more you and everyone agrees it matches your super-star smile and out-going personality then by all means, go for it!

Secondly, work with what you’ve got and enhance your natural features. If you are blessed with a small waist then emphasize it with a lace-up back and create a beautiful hour glass figure. One shouldered styles balance out a bigger bust, A-line skirts disguise larger hips and empire lines hide lumps and bumps with ease. Whatever your body shape there is a dress style and cut to suit. Likewise, when it comes to deciding on a hair style for your wedding day you should take the length, texture and colour into consideration. If you have long, gorgeous curls then embrace your crowning glory and wear your ringlets with pride. Although, with the ever increasing advancements in salons today there will always be products and tools to create the look you’re after, whether it’s embracing your natural wave or not. Your hair stylist will know plenty of tricks of the trade.

Last but not least, when it comes to completing your wedding attire style, accessorize. Pretty pearl earrings and a classic ivory court shoe could very well be your choice for understated elegance or perhaps a flashy diamond tiara is more your style? The traditional something old, new, borrowed and blue is also still a great way to accessorize too. With so many choices to suit all budgets you have many options!

I hope this has helped the search for your perfect wedding dress style. Here at Golden Gowns we strive to give the best advice to our clients, not only when it comes to your dress but when it comes to recommending other services that may be helpful. Happy shopping ladies, we look forward to seeing you.

Wedding Dresses NZ

With Spring comes the wedding season and all the excitement and frenzy it brings. Especially when it comes time to search for your dream wedding dress and suitable bridesmaid dresses to compliment your theme or colour scheme. So where do you start?

First step, do your research. Once you have found the bridal boutique or supplier that you trust and would like to work with then organize a time to get your bridesmaids, best friend or Mum (or all three) together to offer opinions and support. Remember that ultimately this is your day so your wedding dress should reflect your style but a bit of compromise and flexibility will go a long way when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids. The typical wedding season really starts in November so Spring is a good time to start this process depending on when your wedding date is.

Once you have all had some fun in the changing rooms and narrowed down your options it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Talk to the sales people, get quotes, and ask what they can do for you (eg. alterations, ordering styles, colours) and in what kind of time frame. The team here at Golden Gowns is more than willing to help you with these needs and we have an alteration service available to our clients. Do not rush your decisions but also do not spend so long deliberating that in the end you are more confused than when you started. Wedding season is when the warmer weather comes creeping in and shopping for your wedding or bridesmaid dress is supposed to be fun, not the nightmare it’s often made out to be!

So when you’ve made up your mind and the bridesmaids are happy too, you can start thinking about accessories to complete the look. Do you want a veil? Or perhaps flowers in your hair? Having the right under garments are important too. Corsets and control panels can do wonders for the bride that wants a streamline look.

Welcome to the wedding season and the once in a lifetime shopping experience that it entails. We hope this has been informative and most importantly, that you have fun!