Wedding Dresses NZ

With Spring comes the wedding season and all the excitement and frenzy it brings. Especially when it comes time to search for your dream wedding dress and suitable bridesmaid dresses to compliment your theme or colour scheme. So where do you start?

First step, do your research. Once you have found the bridal boutique or supplier that you trust and would like to work with then organize a time to get your bridesmaids, best friend or Mum (or all three) together to offer opinions and support. Remember that ultimately this is your day so your wedding dress should reflect your style but a bit of compromise and flexibility will go a long way when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids. The typical wedding season really starts in November so Spring is a good time to start this process depending on when your wedding date is.

Once you have all had some fun in the changing rooms and narrowed down your options it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Talk to the sales people, get quotes, and ask what they can do for you (eg. alterations, ordering styles, colours) and in what kind of time frame. The team here at Golden Gowns is more than willing to help you with these needs and we have an alteration service available to our clients. Do not rush your decisions but also do not spend so long deliberating that in the end you are more confused than when you started. Wedding season is when the warmer weather comes creeping in and shopping for your wedding or bridesmaid dress is supposed to be fun, not the nightmare it’s often made out to be!

So when you’ve made up your mind and the bridesmaids are happy too, you can start thinking about accessories to complete the look. Do you want a veil? Or perhaps flowers in your hair? Having the right under garments are important too. Corsets and control panels can do wonders for the bride that wants a streamline look.

Welcome to the wedding season and the once in a lifetime shopping experience that it entails. We hope this has been informative and most importantly, that you have fun!

Ball Dresses Auckland, Ball Season is Here!

The annual school ball season is definitely here in full swing and we are right in the thick of it with the majority of our secondary schools glamming up for the night during the months of June and July. There are still more to come in the following couple of months and ball season does not necessarily apply to students only, the Royal NZ Navy and the Airforce have also recently held their annual balls too, with many women attending in some of our beautiful dresses. Often it is a process to find the right beautiful dress for each individual client and sometimes upon entering our store they can feel overwhelmed by the choices and have no idea where to start. So bearing that in mind, I will try to answer a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding choosing a dress.

In our boutique we hold a range of gowns available through our many US suppliers, however, we usually only have one sample size in store to try on as we are able to order in other sizes/colours within a reasonably fast time period (approximately two weeks). The range in store are not the only styles we have available, there is a much larger selection on our website and our Facebook page and we can also source many other dresses if you email us a photo of something specific that you are looking for. New styles also arrive at least every fortnight.

If you find the right size for you on the rack but it needs some slight tweaking to make it perfect then our excellent alteration service is just the thing for you. We offer a very wide range of modifications from taking in the sides of the garment to creating elegant cap sleeves and everything in-between. Likewise, if you are on the shorter side and you need your dress hemmed then this is an easy fix for us and very affordable for you at only $35. Ordered dresses are not made to measure but rather bought in the closest to your measurements, so taking advantage of our alteration service would also be a good idea for you if you want a perfect, custom fit.

We can’t wait to help the rest of you find your dream dress and hopefully after reading this you won’t be so nervous about the whole process. We know that every woman wants to feel amazing when she heads off to her ball or function and the last thing we want is for you to feel intimidated by the vast array of dresses out there. Embrace the variety and rest assured that here at Golden Gown you are in good hands.

Bridesmaid Dresses Auckland

We have an exciting time coming up here at Golden Gowns, although the ball season is almost over, we are still full on with many other projects. As well as getting some gorgeous pageant gowns ready for the 25 Miss Universe New Zealand finalists and bringing in some fresh new accessories (shoes, clutches, Sawitree jewellery) we have also noted that the tail end of winter means wedding season is rapidly approaching. With that in mind we have starting sourcing and collecting an array of beautiful bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns suitable for a wide range of shapes and sizes. Let us tell you about our trend predictions for the 2014/2015 wedding season based on our clients comments and requests and also a little bit of our inside knowledge.

Vintage with a modern twist – We have been inundated with brides-to-be asking us for everything vintage, from 1920’s flapper glam styles to 1950’s full ball gown skirts with cinched in waists. It sounds to us like retro fashion is here to stay when it comes to donning that important dress for your big day. We definitely know why too, lace and the timeless elegance of vintage styles conjure up romantic feelings and your wedding photos will look forever beautiful, even in many years to come.

Colour – Gone are the days where a big white wedding dress are expected. Now, many brides are opting for a coloured dress, whether it be soft pastel shades or strong, striking jewels tones such as ruby red or emerald green. The choices are endless, but remember to stick to colour palettes you already know work with your skin tone, hair colour etc. Stand out in amazing dress in your favorite colour and eliminate the damage that could be done by a glass of wine spilling on a pristine diamond white dress.

Soft and Simple – The last major bridal trend we have been noticing is that many women prefer a simple, chic design in light-weight floaty fabric. Empire lines with a small amount of detail under the bust (or without, if you are that way inclined) are gaining in popularity due to their ability to hide common ‘problem’ areas and also fit in with a range of Summer wedding venues to give that earthy, beachy feel. Perfect for a casual wedding and not so stiff and heavy, chiffon is usually the fabric of choice.

So, now that you have a bit of in-sight on this season’s hottest looks, come and see the team here at Golden Gown and we will sort the rest.

Bridesmaids Dresses, where do I start?

One of the most important roles on a Wedding day fall on the shoulders of the bridesmaids (or Maid of Honour) and this is because not only do they have to look good without showing up the bride, but they are often relied upon to help make sure the day runs smoothly. Everything from re-arranging the brides train for Photo’s to entertaining/calming restless flower girls – this is all part and parcel of the bridesmaids role. However, ladies chosen to be by your side on your big day are obviously very important to you and will not mind these duties thrown at them. Remember, they get to play princess for the day while you are the reigning Queen.

So what do you dress them in? Where do you start? Golden Gown Boutique offer a wide variety of the most gorgeous gowns and bridesmaids dresses as well as friendly, knowledgeable service. Whatever the season, however many there are, we will ensure that we do our very best and beyond to accommodate all your bridal party needs. Our racks are filled with dresses in varying sizes/colours and most are available to order in different sizes and colours. Ordered dresses take approximately 7 to 21 days to arrive and ensuring they fit properly is what we do best. We know about a wonderful alteration service, and is very affordable with some adjustments costing as little as $15! Even though we offer some very competitive prices, rest assured all alterations are done to the very highest standard as we understand the difference a well-fitted dress can make. It’s the little things that count sometimes and an unflattering photo of certain assets due to ‘too-long’ straps is bound to go down the wrong way with brides and bridesmaids alike.

Likewise, colour plays just as much importance as the fit. With years of working in the fashion industry under our belts, we can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to the right shade for your lovely ladies. If we do not have a dress in the colour you require then just ask our friendly staff and we can let you know what other colours that style is available in. Come on in and let us see what we can do for you, and your Bridesmaids dresses.

Ball Gowns in Albany

Spare yourself the hassle of searching every shop in Auckland for a ball gown. Golden Gowns has the perfect dress for every occasion. We offer a large variety of dresses – ball gowns, evening gowns, party dresses – all at affordable prices.

Rated the best shop in Auckland for ball gowns, the service you receive at our store is exceptional. We go out of our way to give you the special attention that you deserve. Even on short notice, we will find you a dress that complements your figure. We do all the adjustments to our ball gowns ourselves to make sure it suits you perfectly. If nothing in our shop tickles your fancy, we can even import a dress for you from overseas!

Golden Gown proprietor, Ankia is a qualified, experienced dressmaker and designer that will make all your ball gowns dreams come true. With more than 10 years experience, Ankia offers honest and helpful advice to assist you find the right dress. Ball gowns are her core business, but she specializes in so much more: wedding and bridesmaids dresses, cocktail dresses, pageant dresses … the list goes on.

Finding a ball gown for a special function can be a lot of fun if you go to the right place and have supportive, friendly advice. Contact Golden Gown today to discuss your ideas and get the dress you really want.

Give Yourself an Elite Look with Vintage Ball Dresses New Zealand

At the end of the school year, every girl dreams about their prom night, the long-awaited eve where she wants to look at her best with her Ball Dress. In fact, when the prom night is fast approaching, you may be super-excited about your special look on this day. But what will happen when you grab a dress from the market for the special night and after entering the party you find that another girl is wearing the same dress in the party like you? Well, it must be a huge embarrassment for you as if it is the end of the world.

To avoid such circumstances, one option is choose a vintage prom dress or Ball Dresses NZ, a dress that will give you the gorgeous and exclusive look and you will feel satisfied and happy. Nowadays, vintage prom dresses have become increasingly popular. Many celebrities prefer to wear them on the red carpets. These retro looked Ball dresses are available in good quality, unique designs and comparatively good price.

Tips for Wearing a Vintage Prom DressBall Dresses NZ
1. Grab the Perfect Vintage Dress
At first, you need to find out the perfect vintage dress that will fit you well. Don’t compromise with your favorite decades like color and length. After all, you need to prove “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress”. You will get wide-ranging eras to choose the retro style vintage dress- 1970s flower child or a Charleston-dancing flapper. Check our selection of Ball dresses here.

2. Fix the Dress before You Wear
If the vintage dress has already been worn a number of times, you need to fix it before wearing. Check whether its buttons are perfectly placed and if they are too old and scratchy, you should replace them with matching ones. If you are required to fix it or clean it, it is always suggested to take help of the vintage service professionals rather than local cleaning service. After all, you should not lose its value after cleaning or restoration of this beautiful collectible item. The specialists of vintage service will take care of your treasure with proper storing and maintenance.

3. Vintage Prom Dress + Shoes
When you are going to a special event like prom, always consider shoes with high heels, no matter if your vintage dress is long gown or short length. It will be better to go with the highest stilettos from your collection. Here you may find yourself in the dilemma- whether to put on a gorgeous pair of vintage shoes or a smart pair of contemporary shoes with the vintage prom dress.
It depends on your choice. If you want to give a freshening look, you should go with brand new shoes. Alternatively, in order to present yourself in the dramatize look of romantic retro style, you should collect a matching pair of vintage shoes.

4. Vintage Prom Dress + Bag
For a vintage long gown, a clutch bag looks best when a striking small chain bag will go with the slim short dress.

5. Vintage Prom Dress or Ball Dresses NZ + Jewellery
When the occasion is formal and dress is vintage, you should only consider slick designed expensive jewellery.

6. Vintage Prom Dress + Hairstyle
Try to choose the hairstyle of the decade from where you have chosen the retro style vintahe dress.
Now you are ready to enjoy your prom night.

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Who is Golden Gowns
Welcome to Golden Gowns website, We are proud to call ourselves the best online store in New Zealand. We know it is hard to find excellent Quality dresses on the internet, and lets face it, who wants to go to a shop to buy a dress, when you can buy it from the comfort of your own home, and for a better price too…. Therefor we went and sourced the BEST International suppliers that we could find, to assure we can supply you with the best quality dresses available. We have more than 10 Years experience where we dressed a great part of New Zealand and abroad.

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We sourced the best international suppliers to work with, and sell ready made Ball Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Dresses and many more at a fraction of the price for what you will pay in the stores nowadays. All our dresses are imported from the United states, and are the best quality guaranteed. We Quality check every single product before it is shipped out to you, therefor our Guarantee for Zero Defects and best quality!! All our dresses are ready made, and waiting to be shipped out to you, so we don’t custom made the dress when you place your order. Please keep in mind that the sizing is standard, and you can check the sizing chart to make sure you order the correct size to fit you.

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We have a wide selection of products available, and more products will be added regularly. What does that mean? It will give you a greater choice to choose from!
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1. Browse our Website to find a product that you like.
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3. Select the size and colour that you like, and select the quantity of this specific Size/Colour combination.
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You can also view this complete with images guide if you are still not 100% sure, view it here.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns/exchanges when you change your mind, or when you made a mistake. Sizing is always a big concern, but we are here to help and get you the right size dress, please click here and we will show you exactly how to take your measurements. You can exchange for different sizes, BUT you will have to cover shipping to and from our United states warehouse, this can be worked out once you want to go ahead, however the dress must be in its original garment bag and no damages to the dress.
If you received a damaged or Faulty dress, you must contact us within 2 days of the time of delivery. Damaged merchandise will only be replaced by the same colour and size.
We will not accept packages that are shipped back without pre-approval from us.
We quality check every dress before we courier it out to you, to assure there is no defects and the quality is as promised.

Q: What types of Payment do you accept?

A: You can Transfer directly to our New Zealand bank account, or we use Paypal as our Payment gateway, where you can pay by using any major Credit card.

Q: Dou you charge my credit card immediately at the checkout?

A: Your card is not charged until we can confirm and fulfill your order. The amount of the order will be pre authorized at checkout, and will only be charged once we can confirm your dress is available and in stock.

Q: Are all styles available for immediate purchase?

A: Unfortunately, not all styles listed on are available for immediate purchase. Some of them might be sold out at the time of purchase due to high demand. If this is the case, we will contact you by phone or email with availability information so you can substitute missing merchandise.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Golden can ship all over the world, however prices on our website is for New Zealand deliveries. Please contact us for international shipping Fees.

Q: What are your shipping rates?

A: Golden offers very competitive shipping rates. We currently offer flat rate Shipping at $25 per item to a New Zealand address – keep in mind, this also covers any import duties and charges that may incur, so that you don’t have to worry about that.

Q: How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

A: Most orders will be processed the next business day, and will ship out every Friday, however this is not always possible, and we will keep you updated on your order. Please make sure you give us your correct email address and contact number.

Q: How long will I wait for my order to be delivered?

A: Shipping usually takes between 7 and 21 days to be delivered.

Q: Will I pay for import duty and taxes?

A: Golden will handle all the importing on your behalf, so there is nothing that you have to worry about, we cover that cost.

If there is any questions that we did not cover, Please Email Us(Click Here), our Customer service Representatives is ready to help you.

Crucial inventory drawbacks that everyone should avoid


Are you aware of some critical inventory drawbacks? If no, then you probably you have to pay more attention to the inventory drawbacks that can take place without any doubt. You cannot handle the supply chain management that is yet another critical part of your business. On the whole, your business would not be able to get the speed. As a result, you will have to compromise with the available benefits not that you have anticipated.

In other words, the inventory can play a pivotal role in the success of your supply chain management. When the supply chain management is doing everything perfectly, your business would always get a lift to rise up.

You can increase your profits and the profit level shortly by avoiding the inventory drawbacks. If you are ready to go with the target inventory management system, you will have to consider the following crucial inventory drawbacks that you have to avoid:

Do not reduce the inventory levels excessively        

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Lasting of the current inventory

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Managing the work in progress

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Problems in finished goods and production

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Do not set unrealistic targets

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Not paying focus to improvements you’ve made

Most of the business owners do not pay to focus your attention to the improvements that they have made earlier. This can drastically decrease the business profit level. Now, you have become familiar with the inventory drawbacks that you have to avoid.

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