Wedding Dresses NZ

With Spring comes the wedding season and all the excitement and frenzy it brings. Especially when it comes time to search for your dream wedding dress and suitable bridesmaid dresses to compliment your theme or colour scheme. So where do you start?

First step, do your research. Once you have found the bridal boutique or supplier that you trust and would like to work with then organize a time to get your bridesmaids, best friend or Mum (or all three) together to offer opinions and support. Remember that ultimately this is your day so your wedding dress should reflect your style but a bit of compromise and flexibility will go a long way when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids. The typical wedding season really starts in November so Spring is a good time to start this process depending on when your wedding date is.

Once you have all had some fun in the changing rooms and narrowed down your options it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Talk to the sales people, get quotes, and ask what they can do for you (eg. alterations, ordering styles, colours) and in what kind of time frame. The team here at Golden Gowns is more than willing to help you with these needs and we have an alteration service available to our clients. Do not rush your decisions but also do not spend so long deliberating that in the end you are more confused than when you started. Wedding season is when the warmer weather comes creeping in and shopping for your wedding or bridesmaid dress is supposed to be fun, not the nightmare it’s often made out to be!

So when you’ve made up your mind and the bridesmaids are happy too, you can start thinking about accessories to complete the look. Do you want a veil? Or perhaps flowers in your hair? Having the right under garments are important too. Corsets and control panels can do wonders for the bride that wants a streamline look.

Welcome to the wedding season and the once in a lifetime shopping experience that it entails. We hope this has been informative and most importantly, that you have fun!