What are the causes of hair fall?

Hair fall problem is prevalent now a day among people of all the ages. Before you go and find the hair loss solution for your hair fall problem, you need to know the cause behind it. Here is a list of a few of them.

Deficiency of nutrients

The first and the most possible cause for hair fall is the deficiency of some nutrients that we need to include in our food, but we do not. These important nutrients include iron, copper, zinc, vitamin D, proteins and other such substances. They are all important for our hair to grow and to stop from falling and we must include these in our everyday diet.


There is a gland called thyroid in our neck. When this gland starts producing the thyroid hormone in an excessive amount, then it may disturb the hair cycle and hence may lead to hair fall. So, the problem of hair loss is likely to be seen in thyroid patients. However, they feel other problems too, along with this problem of hair loss.

Birth control pills

You must be aware of the fact that birth control pills have their own side effects. They definitely help you in birth control, but they leave some serious effects on your body that can cause your problem. The regular intake of birth control pills can lead to a problem of hair loss, especially to the women having a family history of hair loss. Sometimes, if you stop the intake of the pills suddenly, then also the problem of hair fall starts.


Another factor that could lead to hair loss is stress. Our changed lifestyle has given a lot of benefits to us and along with that a lot of bad things also. The habit of taking stress is also one of them. According to studies, the stress that has become part of our everyday life can leave you in some serious problems and hair fall is one of them. This is a proven fact and the best part is that we have got a few of the solutions that can help you in treating your hair loss. You should opt for exercises to reduce stress and then ultimately to reduce the hair fall.

Chemicals and heat

We use a lot of chemicals in the form of the hair products that we use daily on our hair. We do not realize how much damage we are doing to our hair, by using such products. If you really want to stop the hair fall, then you should go for all natural products. Also, the hair styling and other treatments that we give to our hair involve the use of a lot of heat on our hair and this again very harmful for our hair. So, one should use these products only it is urgent to use. If there is any replacement for it, then you should opt for that method.

One should obviously go for hair treatment, but how will you treat your hair if you do not know the cause behind its fall. So, it is very important to know the cause first for the best treatment.